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Information about the firm

Our company “Aviasojuz VNIIEF-KAI” was founded in 1999 from “Delta” Special Design Bureau (SKB) of Kazan Aviation Institute (KAI) named after A. N. Tupolev on the basis of All-Russian Experimental Physics Research Institute (VNIIEF) in Sarov city under the program of conversion for manufacture microlights and light planes.

“Delta” began from Rogallo wings, hang gliders has come to development microlights.

In 1991 the chief of SKB “Delta” Vladimir Malyshev designed trike “Russia”. In the same year on this trike he has taken the first place in a Microlight Championship USSR. In 1992 he has taken part in flight from Russia to USA across the Bering Strait. Now Vladimir Malyshev simultaneously is the chief designer and chief pilot of “Aviasojuz”.

In 1992 “Delta” has begun development of a microlight “Cruise”.

In 2000 “Aviasojuz VNIIEF-KAI” on the basis of “Russia” the agriculture trike (for air spraying) “Chemist” had been created.

Now “Aviasojuz” is engaged in manufacture of “Cruise” and “Chemist” microlights and in assembly of 3-axis microlights (CH-701, Jabiru, etc) from the kits for Russian market.

“Aviasojuz” with “Delta” SKB KAI constantly is engaged in improvement of produce and development of new microlights. So since 2002 the improved model of “Cruise” with new design and beautiful look is being produced.

Our firm tries to do so that our microlights will be not only best flying machines, but also would be a work of art.

If you want to have which exclusive microlight that not present at anybody address to us and we shall make it for you.

420111 Russia, Tatarstan, Kazan, Karl Marx str, 10, KSTU n.a. A.N.Tupolev
607190 Nizhegorodskaya obl, Sarov, pr. Mira, 46

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